SCOTUS Drama: Trump Likely to Get Another Supreme Court Pick

Will Trump get another Supreme Court pick? If the blue wave delivers on promises, then the answer is a harsh and resounding “no.” There’s something you need to understand here. The left is pushing this as the most important midterm election in history for a reason. They are determined and committed to removing Trump from office if they can get enough control over Congress. It’s their play, and they aren’t shy about it.

They don’t care if it’s illegal. They don’t care that Trump has done amazing things for our country, and they don’t care that they will be putting the final nail in the coffin of our country. They campaigned on Trump being the greatest evil of all time. If they gain power and then don’t impeach him, they will lose the rabid base that continues to stand by them.

On the other hand, if the Democrats can’t get rid of Trump, things might look very different. The left-leaning judges on the court are getting up there in years. There comes a point when their personal interests will outweigh their commitment to their party. Seeing them hold out for two more years is plausible. Six more years is pretty much out of the question.

So, if you really want to understand how likely it is that Trump gets another nomination, check out this video. It will explain the outcomes, and it will explain the stakes.