Steve Bannon Warns Americans Trump is Facing a Coupe D’etat from Within

Steve Bannon is the former manager of Breitbart News and helped President Donald Trump set up his White House after the election. No matter how you feel about the guy personally (he steps on a lot of toes, after all), when he talks you had better listen up. What he has to say is usually worth hearing.

First, some great news. Bannon has spent the last 8 months producing “Trump at War,” an inside look at everything that’s been thrown at the president from the campaign trail to the present day. The pro-Trump, pro-America, victory first film will be released on September 12th and it promises to hold no punches.

The film opens with five minutes of the extreme violence that deranged Democrats have engaged in against President Trump and his supporters. The media can try to ignore this violence, but Bannon won’t let them. The film is pure red meat for Trump’s base, leading into the 2018 midterm elections.

Also of great importance, Bannon worked inside the Trump White House at the beginning of the president’s term and has some good ideas about who the “anonymous” insider is — the one who wrote the anti-Trump op-ed in the New York Times. Some have speculated that the letter was actually written by the New York Times, while others think it might actually be someone inside the Trump White House.

Watch the video below where Bannon talks to Laura Ingraham about who he thinks the op-ed author is. It’s an eye-opening exchange and yes, Bannon says this is a coup against the president.