The Purge of Alex Jones from the Internet is Just the Beginning

The left does not believe in free speech. The left does not believe in free speech. The left does not believe in free speech. Repeat that to yourself until you understand it. Even while they cry continuously that Trump is attacking the First Amendment, they work tirelessly to censor speech. It’s simple. The left doesn’t want to win you over. They don’t want to convince you. They want to eliminate opposing voices so that you don’t know anything except what they tell you. They want absolute control over your entire life.

When a conservative reads 1984, they experience a shiver of fear. When a liberal reads it, they see a how-to manual. History shows that the left is much more open to totalitarianism than any other political philosophy, and they are finding ways to bring those beliefs to America. They are using large companies to circumvent a conservative government and silence conservative voices in every way possible.

YouTube led the charge and demonetized hundreds of conservative voices solely on the grounds of not liking what they say. Now, Facebook, Apple and others are openly going after our voices. They aren’t afraid, and they aren’t going to stop.

It doesn’t matter if you like Infowars. What matters is that you pay attention to how and why this is happening so you can fight it. This video is filled to the brim with information you need to know on this corporate-sponsored attack on free speech.