The Violent Racist Men behind the Democrats Women’s March Just Got EXPOSED

You know what sucks? Hypocrisy. That’s what sucks. You know where you can find a butt load of hypocrisy? Among the lefties, that’s where.

Why do we say this? Because time and time again we have seen that the left has no standards. They don’t care about what’s right, what’s fair, or what’s good as long as their team wins and they get to steal hard earned money from hard-working people.

It’s easy to prove. After all, people have been separated from their children when they commit crimes for as long as we have had jails. The only way around it is to let criminals run free, or to throw children into grown-up prisons. Maybe they would like that better.

That’s just one example out of many, many more. When you look at social media, what you find is that all of the conservatives are having their voices throttled by the tech tyrants on the left. They are called all manner of foul names and silenced just because the left does not understand or respect their views.

Okay, so we can understand if they are just wrong about a few things. Anyone can make a mistake after all. But what we find is that they don’t give a rat’s ass about real race hatred or real violent rhetoric.

This is about winning. You’re perfectly allowed to say the evilest things imaginable on social media as long as you’re on Team Wing Nut.

Here’s Dana Loesch and NRATV with more.