Trump Supporters Boot White Nationalists from Rally in Video the Media Refuses to Show

The Republicans are the party of racism, xenophobia and white supremacy. You’ve heard that enough times by now to know that it has to be true. No person who voted for or supports Trump could possibly believe in equality. It’s only Confederate flag waving KKK members in that group. Obviously.

It’s completely insane that the left wants to stick with this narrative. Trump’s policies have been better for black Americans and all minorities than any other president in history. Well, that’s only true if you use economic, crime and security statistics to make your measurements. It’s also insane because black Americans and minorities are leaving the Democrats in greater droves than has been seen since before the Civil Rights Movement.

The biggest reason it’s insane is because the Republicans have been the party of equality all along. We can go back to Lincoln and freeing the slaves, but somehow the left convinces themselves that it was a different Republican Party, somehow.

But, even when you look at the U.S. from WWII and forward, you can consistently see the Republicans passing initiatives that slash inequality and statistically help minorities. Sure, it doesn’t come in the form of handouts, but that’s why it actually helps.

All of these points are lost on the left. Maybe, by some miracle, irrefutable video proof will get through to a few of them.

That’s what you’ll find here: absolute proof that Trump supporters and the right have no tolerance for racism and white supremacy. Take a look.