Trump’s Budget Does Not Cut Spending like Democrats Say, But it Does Slow Growth in Spending

Government spending within the United States has been out of control for decades. Currently, the United States national debt sits at over $19 trillion dollars and is inching closer to $20 trillion every single day. Half of this debt alone is due to the previous eight years under the Obama administration. Donald Trump made a campaign promise to cut this spending, and he has since made good on his promise.

President Donald Trump released his budget, cutting nearly $2 trillion dollars of spending. While Congress will still have the opportunity to get their hands on it (which means it will change), the President’s demonstration to actually understand debt is important. Unlike most politicians, Donald Trump understands how debt works from a business standpoint.

Democrats are portraying Trump’s budget as an anti-poor budget. This simply is not the case. What does the budget actually detail? Watch this informative video to understand the truth about Trump’s budget.