Tucker Carlson Trolls Former President Obama—HARD

Former Pres. Barack Obama is back on the political stump, trolling for Democrats and blaming the woes of the nation on Republicans.

His tired old political rants and left-wing talking points are a grotesque departure from presidents before him. The unspoken tradition has been for ex-presidents to walk softly and rise above partisan attacks. Former Pres. Jimmy Carter went on to distinguish himself as a global agent for peace. The Bushes retired home to their Texas ranch life, supporting noble causes such as the fight against AIDS in Africa. Not Obama.

Sounding much like a first-term candidate, he continues to try and divide the country. In his words, Republicans are the root cause of racism in the United States. However, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson appropriately takes him to task over his divisiveness.

In this Next News Network exclusive, host Gary Franci shows pointed clips of the recent Obama talks. In speech after speech, the Democrat makes racism his default argument. He has rolled out this hate speech so many times that he’s expanded the variety of ways audiences suffer through the overt and subliminal messaging.

The ongoing Democrat racist talking points ought to be beneath a person who has held the highest office in the land. Again, not Obama.

Watch Tucker Carlson tear Obama to pieces over his constant playing of the race card in this video. You will be appalled!