A Black Social Justice Warrior’s Hate Crime Hoax Falls Apart

People attend college for a few different reasons. First, they go to seek out higher education on a subject they are passionate for. Second, they go to expand their mind and to interact with different cultures and ways of life.

Universities can prove to be one of the best melting pots within the United States, when students are allowed to explore viewpoints without fear of reprisal (in other words, UC Berkley is not doing it right at all). So, recently, when a car parked in a lot at Kansas State University showed up with all sorts of hate speech written over the windows, it had people worried. Why would someone come into their university and write that kind of hate speech on someone’s car?

The owner of the car happens to be a “social justice warrior” and he wanted the university to march on the issue. However, some problems began to come up with his story. It really looked odd that the writing was done in vehicle safe ink, which is used when selling cars. It also wasn’t written on the fenders or any of the paneling. Just the windows. If someone hates another person, they are not going to use “vehicle safe paint.”

Turns out, this social justice warrior faked a hate crime and the buzz it created. So what happened to this “warrior”? Watch the video to discover for yourself.