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Michelle Obama’s Stunning Marriage Confession

Isn’t amazing how entrenched liberal institutions will continue to personally enrich Democrats after they leave office? Michelle Obama landed a multi-million dollar publishing deal for her new book. The Obamas inked a multimillion-dollar deal to create an anti-Trump show for Netflix (because there just wasn’t anything else anti-Trump to be found on TV). The Clintons … Continue reading “Michelle Obama’s Stunning Marriage Confession”

New Poll Proves Millennials Hate America

Holy cow! Liz Wheeler delivered a monologue on the One America News Network recently that will make you want to charge up a hill to shoot some communists and raise the Stars and Stripes. It was an epic, must-see speech on many of the great things that America has accomplished over her long and storied … Continue reading “New Poll Proves Millennials Hate America”

Putting the ‘Christ’ Back in ‘Christmas’

The Left wants to own Christmas. They tell us that the prominence of the celebration of Christ’s birthday excludes people who are not Christian. Well, so what? Jews have survived quite well celebrating Hanukkah alongside Christians for a long time. But we are expected to believe that saying “Merry Christmas” and putting up signs saying … Continue reading “Putting the ‘Christ’ Back in ‘Christmas’”

Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge to the Border Wall

The wall just got 10 feet higher. Since President Trump first announced his colossal idea to build a colossal wall along the southern border, just about everyone has been excited about it. Liberals moan on and on about why they think the wall won’t work. They say it’s racist. You might have noticed that even … Continue reading “Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge to the Border Wall”

Bob Dole’s Amazing Tribute to His Political Opponent, Former President George Bush

One of the most remarkable moments in the days before former President George HW Bush’s funeral was when former Sen. Bob Dole arrived to pay tribute to him. Dole, like the elder Bush, was a World War II veteran. The two men fought bitterly for the Republican nomination in the 1988 presidential primary cycle. It … Continue reading “Bob Dole’s Amazing Tribute to His Political Opponent, Former President George Bush”

The Moment Megan McCain Told Joy Behar on Live TV to Stop Making Everything about Trump

Let’s take a moment to honor a fallen hero. George H. W. Bush was so much more than a great president. He was a venerated hero of WWII. His courage saved lives, and his respect and sense of duty enabled him to honor his fallen comrades throughout his life. After his impressive service career, he … Continue reading “The Moment Megan McCain Told Joy Behar on Live TV to Stop Making Everything about Trump”

Conservatives Students Win Big Lawsuit against Liberal College

It’s no secret that colleges in America are the last bastions of communist thought and repression of free speech. What is surprising, however, is that occasionally, when conservatives bother to fight back, they actually win cases in court or get the colleges to back down. Case in point: UC Berkeley has notoriously been treating conservative … Continue reading “Conservatives Students Win Big Lawsuit against Liberal College”

Migrant Caravan Costs City of Tijuana $40k a Day

There’s something we need to stop and acknowledge about this migrant caravan. President Trump has done his job. Literally. He is charged with upholding the law as it is written, and part of that law includes the prevention of illegal immigration. Despite what liberals will say, a person definitely can migrate illegally. Doing so is … Continue reading “Migrant Caravan Costs City of Tijuana $40k a Day”

Lackluster Ticket Sales for Bill and Hillary’s Nationwide Speaking Tour

To say that Bill and Hillary Clinton live in an isolated world surrounded by flunkies who “yes” them all day is something of an understatement. How else could they possibly believe that their mere presence warrants ticket sales of more than a $1,000? The Clintons and all of their misdeeds have turned them from a … Continue reading “Lackluster Ticket Sales for Bill and Hillary’s Nationwide Speaking Tour”

WTF: Census Shows 63% of Non-Citizens are on Welfare!

Tearing up the job-killing regulations and anti-American business agreements touted by the Obama Administration has helped Pres. Donald J. Trump turn the economy around. Although Americans suffered double-digit unemployment under Obama, the country is now enjoying the lowest unemployment in nearly 50 years. African-American and Latino-American job opportunities are at their highest in recorded history. … Continue reading “WTF: Census Shows 63% of Non-Citizens are on Welfare!”

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