Amazing Video of Trump Aide Wiping the Floor with CNN Host

Did you see the video of the epic smackdown that Trump aide Stephen Miller delivered to Jake Tapper on CNN?  You really have to see it to believe it.

Tapper asks Miller whether President Trump’s tweets are appropriate and then the fun begins. Miller uses the microphone and his short window of opportunity to do everything short of literally wiping the floor with Tapper.

If you think back to last year, Miller was the same person who delivered an awesome smackdown against CNN’s Jim Acosta. Miller alerted Acosta to the fact that the poem printed at the base of the Statue of Liberty is not, in fact, actual US immigration policy. (Trivia hint: It’s a POEM!)

So why did Jake Tapper think it would be a good idea to invite Miller into the studio, thinking he would be able to handle him? We don’t know, but Tapper is not known for his great judgment in making personal decisions. After all, this is the same Jake Tapper who once dated Monica Lewinsky when everyone he knew in Washington, DC was warning him that there was something weird about the girl. (Smooth move, Jake!)

You’ll notice when you watch the video below that Miller is answering Tapper’s question — he’s not dodging anything as some of his critics have claimed. Get the popcorn ready and check out Jake Tapper’s reaction when Miller uses him for an official Trump Team piñata.