Are You Part of the Alt-Right?

For many viewers still confused about what the “Alt-Right” is, this brief commentary by conservative speaker and pundit Milo Yiannopoulos is a great introductory explanation. Although, for a real primer, curious knowledge seekers may want to examine Yiannopoulos’ 5000-word “Guide to the Alt-Right” in the archives of Breitbart News.

In the Guide, co-written by Breitbart contributor Allum Bokhari, Yiannopoulos introduces the antecedents of the now emergent Alt-Right movement, including writers Sam Francis, Julius Evola, H.L. Mencken and Oswald Spengler.

Yiannopoulos examines different factions which have influenced Alt-Right thinking from the French New Right of the 1960s to so-called Neo-reactionaries, who signify themselves using the online hashtag #NRx. He looks at the theories of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, whose 2012 book The Righteous Mind described natural conservative instincts.

Yiannopoulos is vehement that the Alt-Right is more about preserving Western culture than Western economics. In his aforementioned Guide, Yiannopoulos discusses immigration, race and politics as they relate to the Alt-Right movement and how political correctness has killed all attempts to be frank and honest about these topics using educated arguments.

And now, a subgroup of Alt-Righters known as the “1488ers” has almost ruined the movement for everyone by taking things too seriously without enough tongue in their cheek. For them, the “racist” label may be possible to be applied. But they’ve effectively been shunned from the true Alt-Right community by most conservatives.

Watch this fascinating clip wherein Yiannopoulos explains it for the team at CNBC’s Power Lunch.