British Journalist Admits Trump’s Policies are More Popular in Europe than Most Believe

Most news publications would have you believe Donald Trump is the least popular world leader in the history of world leaders. Due to the dying state of journalism and newspapers in general, publications around the U.S. have turned to editorial content, instead of actual news and all the facts (because leaving out some facts is still reporting false news).

The news media has portrayed Trump as evil mostly to sell papers. The number of clicks an article receives and the amount a company can charge for advertising is what makes news now, not what is actual truth. That is exactly why there is so much negative coverage of Donald Trump in the United States. However, one British journalist came out to state the feeling realistically isn’t the same in Europe.

In the political world, Donald Trump is a bucket of ice water being tossed on an unsuspecting individual. It wakes them up in a cold shock. However, after waking up, people often come to their senses and see the world in a different way. Donald Trump is not a politician. He is looking at running the United States like a business, cutting out what isn’t necessary in order to improve what is. Many newspapers in the U.S. would have you believe all other world leaders despise him. How does Europe likely view President Trump? Watch the video now to find out.