Check out this Craigslist Ad we found Looking for Actors to Fill Seats at DNC

Paid actors? Filling the seats at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia? Is it really true? Would you expect anything less from the Democrats?

A viewer of social media caught wind of a Craigslist job ad in search of “actors” to fill the stands at the Democrats’ convention in the City of Brotherly Love in late July.

This was in the wake of nearly nonstop booing from Bernie Sanders supporters on the initial night of the event. It appears those Bernie fans later either walked out or were removed because their ill noises clearly weren’t present for the rest of the convention.

This clip clearly shows the Craigslist ad in two different versions — pathetic attempts at paid crowd control that are actually quite Orwellian in their approach.

Along with all the rigging and voter fraud, the Democrats needed people to cheer in the right places for their efforts — talk about stage management. And you thought North Korea was the only nation that fills stadiums with anonymous cheering crowds. It makes you wonder what the next step might be for 2020 — adding a laugh track?