Chris Christie: I Would be President of the United States if Trump Hadn’t Run for Office

A recent Western Journal report posted on YouTube exposes the inner working of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s mind, who apparently believes the highest elected office in the land may have been snatched away from him.

The outgoing governor reportedly indicated that were it not for now-Pres. Donald J. Trump entering the Republican primary field, we’d all be calling him as President Christie. Despite issues such as “BridgeGate” that dogged Christie that could have been enough to sink his presidential bid, he has expressed extreme frustration at the fact the former Reality TV star and hotel mogul is sitting pretty in the Oval Office.

Polling data led Christie to believe that Trump’s larger-than-life presence dwarfed him and other Republican hopefuls during the primary slugfest. As the campaign unfolded, Trump was quick on the draw to attack each candidate’s short-comings and exploit public perception. From “Little Marco” to “BridgeGate,” Trump snatched the spotlight and momentum en route to the White House.

Despite the fact that Christie was never proven to be at fault for any role he may have played in BridgeGate, Trump’s hammering on the issue unseated the once popular Republican.

But the question many Americans have to wonder is whether or not Christie has started this finger-pointing now over the fact he has no place in the Trump Administration? Take a look at this video and you be the judge.