Democrats Hypocrisy over their FISA Memo Exposed

Reeling from the fallout of the FISA memo’s release, Democrats immediately began talking about putting out their own memo – one that would supposedly explain away all of the corruption and wrongdoing that the FISA memo exposed. However, if Democrats really do have such a memo that would accomplish this purpose, they’re in no hurry to release it.

After reading the Democratic memo, Rep. Nunes – the author of the FISA memo – advised for just a few technical edits before the memo could be released. Since then, there’s been nothing but crickets from the Democrats who have yet to make the required edits on the memo that are supposedly chomping at the bit to release.

The likely reality is that the Democratic memo offers nothing of substance and the party isn’t too keen to release it after all. Instead, they could benefit more by refusing to make the required edits and accusing Trump of stonewalling the memo’s release.

Whatever their plan, Democrats certainly aren’t in any rush to release a memo they claim contains vital information that will prove their party’s innocence. If that isn’t a major red flag, we don’t know what is.

To hear Rep. Nunes and his hosts at Fox News discuss the Democrats’ hesitancy to release their memo, be sure to check out the video below.