Did Obama Spy on the Supreme Court?

Judge Napolitano has it absolutely correct — many people would say the U.S. has gone too far in terms of the surveillance it employs for ordinary U.S. citizens making normal phone calls and sending emails. But putting aside that issue for the moment, as Napolitano notes in this informative clip, it’s the USE of the data that’s collected is what potentially can be criminal.

Incredibly, what Napolitano recounts in this segment is that apparently former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia believed former President Obama’s administration had all of the members of the Supreme Court under surveillance (did that have anything to do with his death?). But, as with the individuals on President Trump’s campaign team, the real question is: was anything done with the data, or was it simply part of the standard surveillance that’s performed every day in the country for all phone calls and emails?

Given that President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice has admitted that she’d requested that certain members of the Trump presidential transition team be “unmasked,” it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine other officials in the Obama administration coming up with similar excuses as to why surveillance of the Supreme Court also needed to be examined more closely.

Remember, President Obama wasn’t the happy-go-lucky, fun-loving smiling face that most people saw when it came to matters of playing politics. Do any readers recall who Bob Creamer is? He’s the Democratic Party hatchet man-consultant who visited the White House 342 times and met with Obama personally 47 times.

It’s time conservatives realize that Obama was just as hardcore a player as any member of his intelligence agencies, and it shouldn’t be considered too outrageous to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions put the former president through his paces under oath in front of a Congressional committee, now that he’s no longer in office and can’t claim executive privileges.

Watch as Napolitano parses these detailed topics with the morning team on Fox.