DNC Staffer Seth Rich’s Murder Gets New Life

This could be a bombshell that’s far bigger than the firing of FBI Director James Comey! Apparently, there’s new evidence in the case of Seth Rich, the murdered Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer who may or may not have been one of the sources for WikiLeaks’ incriminating dumps of emails from DNC higher-ups.

As viewers may remember, 27-year-old Rich was killed last July while walking home from a bar in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Although police at the time said it may have been a robbery attempt, neither Rich’s wallet nor any of his money, jewelry, electronic devices or keys were taken, leaving investigators to wonder what the true motive was for the killing and who was really responsible.

Rumors have flown on the Internet, and in the months following the murder, WikiLeaks offered a $130,000 reward for information about who killed Rich. At that time, there was much speculation that Rich was responsible for giving the documents in question to the well-known whistleblower organization, but there was no proof to back it up, and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange only implied that Rich had been a source for the information and did not confirm it.

Now, however, we may not literally have a “smoking gun” (yet), but at least some members of the Washington police force have informally indicated that there had been communications from third parties made in attempts to quash new leads in the case. Watch as Fox’s Griff Jenkins briefs viewers on updates to this important story.