Fashion Enters Politics. Barney’s Selling $400 Antifa Inspired Jacket

Slogans on T-shirts and other articles of clothing is not necessarily anything new. People have used certain articles of clothing to say what they feel. While often tacky, it is a person’s write under free speech to say what they feel, even if it is on clothing. However, often times there are companies that try to put sayings on shirts and it ends up backfiring. After all, when a person creates their own clothing with a saying, it is because it is important to them. When a store and business creates clothing with sayings on it, it is because the company believes it can make money off of it.

In the past, clothing retailers like Urban Outfitters have made disastrous choices for printing unfavorable content on shirts. Urban Outfitters, for example, printer a “Kent State University” sweatshirt, similar to ones seen in the famous shooting photographs at Kent State, but the sweatshirt sold had smeared red stains throughout, as if stained in blood. Urban eventually took the clothing down, but the fact the company tried to make money off of it was appalling.

Now, the clothing store Barneys has been busted for selling a political inspired jacket. Of course, the jacket also goes for nearly $400, which alone is a bit out of this world for what the jacket actually is.

What does the jacket look like and why are people so upset? Check out the video to discover the answers for yourself.