Founder of Weather Channel Slams CNN over Climate Change Hoax

Climate change — is it a science, or is it a religion?

That’s the essence of the argument that Weather Channel founder John Coleman aims at CNN host Brian Stelter when Stelter at first attempts to label Coleman a climate change “denier.”

Other scientific experts have also pointed out that mass media has until recently painted climate change claims as “incontrovertible facts,” when any ‘consensus’ made by scientists on these issues is completely suspect. That’s because only those scientists who agree with the government’s idea of man-made global warming get funding from federal research bodies.

Even Al “Inconvenient Truth” Gore will agree that between 1880 and 2015, there’s only been three-tenths of a percent change in global temperatures, an amount that any number of scientists say is statistically insignificant. Antarctic sea ice is GROWING, not shrinking, Arctic sea ice has remained stable, and the number of polar bears in the world (about 25,000, according to most scientific estimates) is approximately four to five times the total that was in existence in the 1970s.

Coleman, who is himself a scientist, is absolutely on point to correct Stelter on some of these facts; watch as the stalwart Coleman repeatedly puts media spinner Stelter in his place in this provocative segment.