Google Removes Egg from Salad Emoji to be more Inclusive

Liberals have taken political correctness to such an extreme that Google was pressured into taking the egg out of its salad emoji. Sound weird? That’s how out of control the PC police have gotten.

On this One America News Network (OAN) segment, host Liz Wheeler delves into one of the most ridiculous actions by a major corporation in perhaps years.

Apparently, there was a social media outcry that caused the internet Goliath to yield to a profound sense of exclusion suffered by vegans everywhere. It sounds a lot like the safe spaces and crying rooms on college campuses designed to coddle the far left. And the world’s most dominant search engine does in fact spends its resources cowing to political correctness, even when it comes to imaginary messaging characters.

Google clearly means well as it strives to be more inclusive. Of course, the outfit defines inclusiveness under the umbrella of a liberal extremist worldview. Gender-neutral and same-sex hand-holding emojis makes perfect sense for Google’s liberal ideology. But type r-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n p-a-r-t-y or the word “conservative” and click search. You may want to hold on to your chair when the results insult your sense of inclusiveness.

Take a few moments to check out this segment and find out how conservatives are treated like the eggs that just got tossed from the salad emoji!