Hillary Caught Taking $3 Million of Russian Money

The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s involvement with the Uranium One scandal took a highly interesting turn recently, as one FBI informant who has been undercover investigating the scandal for years finally submitted his written testimony to Congress.

Among a number of bombshell accusations contained within that testimony was the accusation that Russia paid $3 million through an intermediary to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for her help to push through the Uranium One deal. Keep in mind that this is a deal that directly benefited the Russian government and one that gave them powerful leverage over the United States’ uranium supply.

As the FBI informant only submitted this information to Congress just days ago, the fallout from the accusations he has leveled is just now getting started. In addition to implicating Hillary Clinton in the Uranium One scandal, this testimony implicates former President Barrack Obama as well. If the accusations in this testimony proves to be true, there is no limit on the consequences it could have for Clinton, Obama, and the entire Democratic Party at large.

To learn more about just how big a bombshell this testimony has proven to be, be sure to check out the video below.