Hillary Explains Climate Change is Sexist Against Women

Ask a liberal a question and you can trust you’ll get a crazy answer. They truly shine in promoting the ridiculous when they get to combine apocalyptic predictions of climate change with their usual progressive-minded buzz words. In their minds, climate change isn’t just going to destroy humanity, it’s going to exacerbate racism, sexism and all of their other isms in the process.

It’s difficult to say which part of the narrative is the dumbest. Even while they argue that science is a consensus, they ignore the overwhelming consensus that is telling us models have grossly overestimated warming trends and that the worst predictions are pretty much impossible at this point. They also completely deny that the impending solar minimum will have any impact on temperatures — as though the sun itself can’t drive climate. It’s a special type of crazy that enables anyone to perform such mental gymnastics.

In this video, the liberal queen of mental gymnastics, Hillary Clinton herself, responds to questions of how she thinks climate change will impact society. She’s clearly underqualified to remark on the changing climate, but that doesn’t stop her from spewing special nonsense.

Watch the video for yourself. You’ll be shocked at her embarrassingly nonsensical answer and frustrated that people actually listen to this nut job.