Loretta Lynch Stabbed the American People in the Back in her Last Days in Office

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The NSA has the ability to monitor just about any form of communication sent and received in the United States. It also has a network that reaches out into other regions around the world, although we don’t know the full extent of this.

When news regarding the NSA “snooping” on citizens of the United States first came to life, many liberals broke down and completely lost their minds. They immediately went to the idea of Big Brother or George Orwell’s timeless classic “1984.” However, what many of these individuals did not know, or at least failed to comprehend, is that communication monitoring has occurred more or less since the beginning of human civilization.

Since humans started to come together and build societies, rulers have continually wanted an ear to the ground in order to know the rumblings not only of the people, but of outside civilizations. This continued on into the formation of the United States. The British looked through communications in order to possibly weed out any supporters of the Revolution.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the U.S. government listened in on conversations of Japanese-American citizens to identify possible spies living among us.

If you remember your history lessons from high school you’ll likely recall being taught that the British uncovered a communication that was to be sent from Germany to Mexico, asking it to attack the United Stated during World War I that propelled the U.S. into the War to End All Wars.

Listening to communication is important and it keeps us safe. Yet before leaving office, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed a secret NSA deal that might put us all in danger. What exactly did she sign? Check out the video to find out.