Planned Parenthood Exec says Clinics had Monthly Abortion Quotas They Must Fulfill

Talk about disturbing… Did you know that Planned Parenthood’s neighborhood clinics around the country had an “abortion quota” that they needed to meet every month in order to stay in business? That’s the unbelievable charge that Abby Johnson, a former manager at one of those clinics, relates to Fox’s Tucker Carlson in this stunning clip.

After Carlson briefly talks with Charles Chamberlain of the pro-abortion group Democracy for America, Johnson comes on to tell Carlson highly revealing facts about Planned Parenthood’s clinics, many of which are absolutely sickening. Democratic senators like Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts love to rant about how Planned Parenthood provides a wide range of health services to a broad array of female consumers, but as Johnson tells Carlson, much of this boilerplate drivel that the group promotes is false, and the organization’s biggest business by far is abortion.

Johnson also charges the group with being very calculated in its distribution of specific methods of birth control, which the organization knows is ultimately unreliable. This forces women to come back to the clinics for abortions when the birth control fails, as it will at some point or another statistically. Johnson also talks about the most offensive aspect of Planned Parenthood’s clinics — the selling of human fetuses and body parts for profit.

If this discussion doesn’t completely repulse you, what will? Watch, as what you learn may be shocking — but be warned, this clip is not for the faint of heart!