President Obama has Found His New Calling as a Netflix Reality Star

Stepping gracefully out of the public spotlight just wasn’t in the cards for former President Obama. After making the transition of power as difficult as possible, Obama finally stepped out of office. However, he has certainly not been willing to give up his public influence completely.

Now, Obama is in negotiations with Netflix to star in his own Netflix original series in which he will give his take on stories and issues in the United States. What’s ironic is the fact that Democrats have chastised Trump, calling him a “reality TV President”. Now, one of their own icons is stepping into the reality TV spotlight.

The truth, though, is that President Obama was much more of “reality TV President” than Donald Trump even before his Netflix arrangement. Both Barrack and Michelle Obama have long enjoyed participating in a wide range of questionable TV stunts and appearances, more so than any other President and First Lady before them. Suffice it to say that the Obamas have a very high opinion of their celebrity status.

As for how much virtue signaling and social justice campaigning Obama’s Netflix series will contain, we’ll have to wait and see. Right now, though, it’s a safe bet that there will be more than enough leftist propaganda to go around in this new series.

Watch this break down on Obama’s next set of plans for himself as a Netflix reality show host.