Students Despise Obama Policies when Credited to Trump

College students just love to jump on a bandwagon — until they realize the music that’s being played may actually be older than they think.

That’s the reality shown in this fascinating clip from Campus Reform’s Leadership Institute, wherein several interviewers ask college students their opinion of specific policies the U.S. president has implemented in his first 100 days in office.

Specifically, the interviewers ask about the “apology tour” of the Middle East, whereby the president visited various overseas countries and apologized for inappropriate American presidential policies and behavior of the past eight years. They also ask about the huge new stimulus program that will cost the country a lot of money but will allegedly create tens of thousands of jobs. And finally, they ask about an executive order relaxing regulations around civil lawsuits.

In all these cases, the students opine that each of these initiatives is completely the wrong approach, and they lambaste President Trump in the typical fashion that millennials are predisposed to. However, when the interviewers reveal that the “president” in question who took all these actions is not Trump, but in fact is his Democratic predecessor, the expressions on these “snowflakes'” faces change almost instantly!

Watch, as these young progressives clearly had more than a few preconceived notions in their heads, rather than a famously liberal open mind when considering what’s good for their country.