The Left Loves to Deny Science when it Comes to Gender Identity

It’s interesting how the politics of the left is firmly rooted in science when it comes to things like carbon emissions and global warming, as long as it suits the narrative.

When objective analysis supported the underlying facts and reasoning behind the belief that Al Gore said the Earth would burn up a few years ago, liberals put stock in science. Those eventually turned into “climate change.” But when even shifting science doesn’t support their beliefs, the left is more than willing to ignore true facts.

That slippery political ideology has never proven more true than with that bizarre extremes of today’s gender identity designations. These days, a person with male or female reproductive parts can be the opposite sex or neither. It’s all just a matter of subjective perception for the left.

On this Daily Wire segment posted on YouTube, host Ben Shapiro sits down with Joe Rogan to examine the very odd way that liberals are politicizing gender. Rogan, a comedian who hosted popular shows such as The Man Show, has produced more than 1,000 episodes of his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that covers topics ranging from legalizing cannabis to hunting. In this engaging interview with Ben Shapiro, he explores the bizarre desire of liberals to erase gender altogether.

Take a few moments to check out what these pair of politically astute icons have to say about the state of gender. Gender identity politics has gotten really weird!