Trump Responds to Claims He is Mentally Unfit for Office

Donald Trump’s opponents in the media and in government have been pulling the same card on him that they pulled on Ronald Reagan in the 80s. They called Reagan senile, stupid, crazy, and they attempted to undermine his presidency.

So, it’s really not any great surprise that they would do the same with President Trump. After all, he is the oldest president to have ever held office at 70. He is also quite unconventional in his mannerisms, his approach, and his background.

The reason Democrats and progressives hate him so much is the fact that he has real solutions. You cannot sew fear and hatred between groups and then play to the ear of whoever feels more victimized if you have someone in office who is making things better for everyone.

There are Antifa members in Boston who are so grossly misled by the coverage of Trump that they believe Trump wants to kill all non-whites in the country. The racism accusation just bounces off of Trump like bullets off of Superman. And when people start waking up to facts like black unemployment is lower under Trump than it has been since the 1930’s- the lies will simply stop having any effect.

But Trump defended himself from the charge of mental instability in his characteristically humorous way. The tweet was a gem really. He basically showed that he is not at all flustered by the nonsense.

The team at Fox and Friends brought on a special expert to discuss the Wolff book, and Trump’s response.