Why Conservatives Shouldn’t Care if Trump Releases his Taxes or Not

Much has been made over taxes in the last six months. Namely, Donald Trump’s tax returns. Liberals have made a big deal about Donald Trump not releasing his records.

Realistically they shouldn’t. As a likely billion dollar businessman he has been audited nearly every year by the IRS—and never once have they charged him with a tax related. As long as Donald Trump hasn’t committed a crime regarding his taxes it shouldn’t matter whether or not he chooses to share how much money he has with the world.

Typically around April there are anti-tax marches where individuals protest against paying too much in taxes. But this year Democrats sponsored several protests about not paying enough taxes. Of course, if Donald Trump raised taxes they most likely would complain about this during the next election cycle.

This has once again brought up the idea of Democrats wanting Donald Trump to release his previous tax return. More likely than not, his Presidential tax return next year will be released.

As for his returns as a business owner, Donald Trump has told protestors the election is over and to focus on other topics. But even if Donald Trump does decide to release his tax return from this year or previous years conservatives should not be worried. Why? Check out the video to find out more on the topic.