Why Liberals Support Radical Islam

In a post-speech Q-and-A at Michigan’s Hillsdale College, conservative lawyer and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro answers a question from an audience member about the “unholy alliance between the Left and Muslim supremacists.” Shapiro has a very cogent reply and explains that both groups have the same goal: the devolution and destruction of Western civilization.

What Shapiro doesn’t get into is the links between the two groups, but it shouldn’t be too hard to realize that with a common goal, finding shared ground for both causes is likely not that difficult. As Shapiro explains, the Left wants to devolve and destroy Western civilization because it believes such a society is inherently unequal, whereas Muslim supremacists believe such a milieu is inherently evil.

Is it any wonder that Leftists sympathize with Muslims? Or that Muslims depend on Leftist governments and political leaders for economic aid, armaments, migration assistance and public relations plaudits?

Shapiro also has much to say about Leftists’ beliefs in equality being the ultimate virtue; he argues that this is a fundamental falsehood and goes on to explain why. Watch how quickly and intelligently Shapiro is able to deconstruct the audience member’s query and answer it using facts that are patently obvious.