“Bar Rescue” Host Jon Taffer Sees New Businesses Picking Up Across America

Everybody just stop. Take a deep breath. Relax for a moment. The left has done everything ?absolutely everything?to convince us that we are in a crisis. We aren’t. International policy is not falling apart. The U.S. is in a greater state of peace than we’ve seen since 9/11. That’s particularly important since Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning Obama only escalated our conflicts and engagements during his presidency.

Democracy is not ending in America. If we followed even a tenth of the left’s wacky plans it might, but Donald Trump has reduced governmental and executive power. We’re farther away from a collapse of democracy (or the republic if we want to be accurate) than we have been since the Clinton took office. And, we’re heading in a good direction on that front.

In the midst of the left’s attempt to manufacture crises, the one realm they have all but abandoned is economics. There are still a few holdouts who try to tell us we’re on the cusp of economic ruin, but they know no one is listening. Our economy is the strongest we’ve seen in a very long time. By many measures, this is the best economy in the history of the world. The left will make excuses or try to take credit, but we all know the truth. We’re thriving in a Trump economy.

This is the most important point to remember. In the face of all of the doom and gloom you’ll hear from mainstream media, you’re likely much better off today than you were two years ago. So is everyone else. If you want to see the cold, hard facts, they’re in this video. Enjoy watching, and don’t hesitate to share it every time you catch someone trying to say that America is anything other than great.