Good News for 2020: This Group is Fleeing the Democratic Party in Droves

Candace Owens and Maxine Waters. Could there be a greater pair of opposites in this world? And yet, they’re both black Americans. That represents one of the most confusing and troubling ideas the left could ever face.

Two women from the same set of intersections and in the same minority groups vehemently disagree with each other on virtually every point of policy and politics possible.

How could this be? By every leftist assertion, they should have identical beliefs and interests.

Republicans have been saying for years that this ideology will be the downfall of the left. Minority groups aren’t monoliths. They’re groups — as in made of individuals. They won’t all align on every issue, topic or belief.

In fact, simply voting in their own personal best interests will cause them to cast different ballots. Recognizing this has been at the forefront of the recent red tide. Republicans won the House, Senate and presidency in successive elections largely by adhering to this principle.

Now, things are escalating. The Democrats continue to cling to their identity politics as further proof that they don’t have a platform. The last major policy push by the left was Obamacare, and we can all see how that worked out. Now, the threat to the left is at an all-time high. Perhaps no one on the planet can say it better than Candace Owens herself. Take a look.