How Justice Brett Kavanaugh Will Vote on Important Issues

The American left has held a stranglehold majority on the US Supreme Court for the past 60 years, so it’s understandable that they are in tears over President Trump having the opportunity to now appoint a second justice. By replacing Anthony Kennedy — the Supreme Court’s “swing vote” — with a strict constitutionalist, it now looks like the Supreme Court will have a 6-3 America First tilt for the first time in modern history.

Democrats don’t hate Kavanaugh himself; they hate the US Constitution and will now have to cope with a court that does not invent laws out of thin air. Americans will no longer have to live in fear as we await Supreme Court decisions if Kavanaugh is successfully confirmed.

The Democrat Party has been unable to get its policies approved at the ballot box, so they have instead relied on their Supreme Court majority for the past 60 years. This has allowed them to undermine America from within by having the Supreme Court “discover” new “rights” that were hiding in the Constitution all along, such as abortion and gay marriage (just like George Washington intended!).

So, who is Brett Kavanaugh? The Democrats don’t care — they’re going to oppose him no matter what, because his confirmation will represent President Trump’s successful capture of all three branches of government from the Washington elites.

But if YOU want to know more about Brett Kavanaugh, check out the following video. Here are five things to know about America’s (hopefully) newest Supreme Court Justice.