Trump to Make Pot Part of his 2020 Platform

To say that marijuana is a growth industry would be both a pun and an understatement. Growing pot for medicinal purposes is a booming business. Several states have already decriminalized recreation marijuana use, and others are expected to follow. But many Americans would like to see the practice of smoking or vaping weed legalized altogether.

In fact, three states reportedly passed referendums to loosen restrictions on recreational marijuana use during the mid-term votes. Michigan, Missouri, and Utah all made it easier to smoke pot without a significant penalty. All told, more than 30 states have effectively decriminalized medical or recreational marijuana usage.

In this Fox Business news exclusive, host Stuart Varney discusses the future of marijuana with one of the country’s top weed businessman, Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin. Although Sedlin may have high hopes that marijuana use will become legal in every state, the polling data seems to support his position.

Sedlin believes that Pres Donald J. Trump will make marijuana a key 2020 election position based on polls that show Americans are on board with legal weed. This thinking seems to run contrary to much of Pres. Trump’s strict law and order positions and the fact that he doesn’t even drink alcohol. But Varney and Sedlin make some interesting points about which direction the Trump Administration could take in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Take a moment and listen to this weed debate. You be the judge of whether or not legal weed is just a pipe dream on this Fox Business news video.