‘Walkaway’ Movement EXPLODES after Dems Plot against Kavanaugh Fails

Democrats have never lied so blatantly, so often, or doubled and tripled down so hard as they did in their efforts to sabotage the career of Judge Kavanaugh who has led a spotless career and an equally spotless personal life. It’s a historic moment because what was hanging in the balance was the ability of qualified Republican candidates for the highest court in the nation to accept presidential appointments by a duly elected president and be rightfully confirmed.

This is what Lindsey Graham said so forcefully and so beautifully during the hearings. Graham spoke for all of us who respect the rule of law, the natural right to due process, and the common respect that all decent people owe to one another. We’ve been following Mr. Graham since that speech and we think he has been wakened from a slumber by the Kavanaugh hearings. He has awakened and risen from the ashes of mediocrity to become- as comedian Owen Benjamin calls him- Golden Graham.

All of the Democrats protesting and drama filled rants against Kavanaugh have actually worked against them. This is evidenced by the HUGE surge of people joining the #Walkaway movement. This viral campaign is for Democrats who are so fed up with their party’s antics and lies that they ‘walkaway’ from the party.

Check out this news clip to learn more about the recent explosion in numbers for this viral campaign.