CNN Anchor Don Lemon Owned By Black Sherriff over Black Lives Matter

Sheriff David Clarke put to words what we’ve all known this whole time. Black lives matters is a violence seeking hate group. Sheriff Clarke has been saying for two years that the protests would lead to dead police officers.
When Don Lemon showed his liberal bias, he tried to call the protesters civil, but there is only hate in a group that has been rioting, looting and stirring violence from the very beginning. The narrative that all cops are racist is inherently false, and anyone who understands what the police go through every day knows the truth.
The only group of Americans who are truly fighting for black lives and who truly believe in the value of black lives are the police. The literally risk their lives to try to defend innocent victims of hate and crime that crop up in cities across America.
The numbers don’t lie, and black on black crime is the greatest threat to black lives, not police officers. Of course Don Lemon and the rest of the liberal media have no words at all in the face of true facts. His best retort was question dodging, stuttering and changing the subject.