Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean Reveals Top 2 Candidates Hillary is Considering for VP

Now that Trump has announced his VP, everyone is scrambling to guess who Hillary will pick for her campaign. The general consensus is that she won’t make the announcement until the end of the RNC, but as soon as it ends we can expect an immediate press conference. Staying out of headlines for a whole week is probably more than she can handle.
The top two contenders for her VP are Tim Kaine and Elizabeth Warren. Tim Kaine is a Virginia senator and former chair of the DNC. In his unimpressive political career, he has made a name for himself as a standard, run of the mill, Democrat yes man and flip flopper.
He has repeatedly contradicted himself on matters of abortion, capital punishment and LGBT issues. Don’t expect anything special or impressive from this candidate.
Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, is a big name in politics. Famous for her backwards stances on all things economic, she has been a major influence throughout the Obama Administration. Count on her to fight for higher minimum wage, unequal tax burdens and the slow but certain death of a free economy.