President Obama Still Refuses to Honor Fallen Police Officers Even After Baton Rouge

President Obama doesn’t even have the courage to face the question himself: why won’t he support our police officers?
It is painfully obvious that the Black Lives Matter contingent is determined to stir racial tensions and promote large-scale violence against our police. The fact that no single activist has said a word about the black Baton Rouge officer’s life mattering is proof enough.
A simple gesture of unity from the leader of our executive branch would go a long way to helping wounds heal and reuniting a nation that is approaching an irreparable rift.
The White House was lit in special colors for the death of Prince, LGBT rights and foreign attacks, but the president can’t be bothered to publicly support the very men and women who are literally dying in the act of carrying out his orders.
Shame on you, Obama.
As a black man and the head of America’s police, you are the one person equipped to end the strife and promote peace in our borders. Instead, you have made your stance clear, and the escalations of violence and bloodshed are on your hands. The new presidency can’t come fast enough.